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Misterious Coincidence in Ads

Когато става дума за идеи, един от най-подходящите въпроси по темата е “Кое е първо – яйцето или кокошката?”, а отговорът е – копирайтърът, който пръв се е сетил за яйцето в автомобилните реклами…


Released: July 1999

Agency: Verba, Italy

Creators Copywriter: FRANCESCA DE LUCA


Account Supervisor: GERMANO ZUNG

Advertiser Supervisor: OLIVER FERRIGATO

Creative Director: STEFANO LONGONI

Photographer: LUCA PERAZZOLI




The Print Ad titled EGGS was done by Conill Advertising advertising agency for product: Toyota (brand: Toyota) in United States. It was released in the Feb 2000.

Creators Copywriter: JORGE INCHAURREGUI


Account Supervisor: TERI QUINONES

Advertiser Supervisor: BETH HENNING

Creative Director: ELIAS WEINSTOCK

Photographer: TIM HAWLEY




The Print Ad titled WHICH CAME FIRST RENAULT OR THE EGG? was done by Telia & Pavla/bbdo advertising agency for product: Renault (brand: Renault) in Cyprus. It was released in the Feb 2001. Business sector is: Cars.

Creators Copywriter: Anastasia Tsami

Art Director: Ioanna Savvidou

Account Supervisor: Myriam Soseilos

Advertiser Supervisor: Myriam Soseilos

Creative Director: Pablo Montanez

Photographer: Milosh Cazdic




The Print Ad titled EGG BOX was done by 100%propaganda advertising agency for product: Armoured Cars (brand: Jagger) in Brazil. It was released in the Mar 2003.

Creators Copywriter: Marcelo Felicio

Art Director: Marco Martins

Advertiser Supervisor: Carlos Macedo

Creative Director: Gustavo Bastos

Photographer: Mauro Risch

Advertising Agency: Creative Team




The Print Ad titled EGG CARTON was done by Bensimon Byrne advertising agency for product: Hyundai Entourage (brand: Hyundai) in Canada. It was released in the Apr 2007. Business sector is: Cars.

Executive Creative Director: David Rosenberg
Creative Director: Joe Musicco/John McDougall
Copywriter: Joe Musicco
Art Director: John Mcdougall
Account Supervisor: Taso Mascalidis
Advertiser’s Supervisor: John Vernile
Photographer: Philip Rostron




The Outdoor Advert titled EGG CARTON was done by Deutsch advertising agency for product: Saturn Outlook (brand: Saturn) in United States. It was released in the Oct 2007. Business sector is: Bars, Restaurants & Stores, Etc..

Company: DEUTSCH, USA, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Eric Hirshberg (President/Chief Creative Officer)
Creative Director: Eric Springer/Mike Bryce (Group Creative Directors)
Copywriter: Josh Fell
Art Director: Brandt Lewis

Общо взето, затова харесваме Ауди!


Ad Squad 2011


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