Open diary

Beware! Wet Paint!

И така, дойде времето, когато съотношението между женените двойки сред приятелите ни застрашително взе превес. И когато по-малките от нас ни последваха – вече положението стана критично. Точно затова ще се обърнем към малкото останали непредали се моми и ергени.

Предлагаме ви страхотен букет от идеи за гравиране на брачни халки, които съвсем между другото са едни от най-добрите слогани за такъв продукт като “брака”. Enjoy!

  • You wore me down
  • Honey, I called dibs
  • Tricky little love machine
  • Don’t even think about it…
  • You are SO mine
  • You’re mine sucker!
  • Better than ice cream
  • Amateurs hope, Professionals work
  • Happy now? Good.
  • Race you to the shower
  • Not for pawning
  • Put me back on!
  • Then it began to rain
  • I kissed you first!
  • Maybe I’m amazed…
  • Can I keep you?
  • 1 room, 1 bed, no p.j.’s
  • Boobs and Poops!
  • Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!
  • The key to the Chastity Belt
  • Ain’t that a kick in the head?
  • Every day and twice on Sunday
  • 999,995 more years to go
  • Old Soul in a YOUNG & HOT body
  • I’m not done with you yet!
  • Do I have to wear pants?
  • It’s just the sex!!!!
  • Must be doin’ something right
  • If removed, alarm will sound.
  • PLAY!
  • To Love Honor & Irritate
  • Come Monday, It’ll Be All Right
  • Legally Mine.
  • I guess this means “YES”
  • The toys are LEGALLY mine!
  • Have you lost it yet?
  • Me too
  • Wow…we got married, man!
  • You are my first home run
  • Please return with man if found
  • If found, keep man and return ring
  • Same wife . . . Different Ring
  • Put it back on!
  • Don’t even think about it Erik!
  • If removed, alarm will sound.
  • Stick finger here.
  • All we ever need is a couch
  • My Wife Is Hot
  • The best day at the beach.
  • Vodka & Caviar
  • May the force be with us!
  • Thanks for calling back


Ad Squad 2011

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