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Advertising History Timeline

Когато е прекалено топло, за да създаваме история, можем просто да си я припомним.

За всички заинтересовани, представяме интересна историческа справка за рекламите.


1704: The first newspaper advertisement, an announcement seeking a buyer for an Oyster Bay, Long Island, estate, is published in the Boston News-Letter.

1742: Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine prints the first American magazine ads.

1843: Volney Palmer opens the first advertising agency in Philadelphia.

1911: For the first time in its history, P&G pays an outside agency, J. Walter Thompson Co., to launch Crisco, its new vegetable shortening.

1955: The Marlboro Man campaign debuts.

1963: “The Pepsi Generation” kicks off the cola wars.

1980: Ted Turner creates CNN.

1982: Gannett Co. launches USA Today. And Tanya Doseva is born. : )


По-прегледен, подробен и достоверен вариант, тук:


Ad Squad 2011

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