Open diary

Judging by the Cover

Every day is a good day to read a book. But there are certain books that makes you think about life, about yourself, about the author, and about those little bastards – the editors. I am sure they all can spoil the educational niche. And if you are told not to judge about a book by its cover, think again. We wouldn’t even dare to open any of the following paperpieces.



Very interesting indeed. Your kids would love it. And what a happy individuals they will come. Oh, my…


Really? And what’s wrong with you, John and Roxanne Rossi? Wait a minute, are you a couple?? Now I see. Good job. That’s from the self-help series, right?!

horrible-book-titles-funny-0Finally. A bestseller. I can’t wait. Hope to find some teen-aged boys left…

funny-Oreilly-book-cover-acidWell, I am not sure what should be the appropriate comment about this one… Oh, Fuck – this is the 4th edition. How come?


Nice one. And you still wonder why men live shorter than women, right?


Your kids in college would appreciate this. Trust me.

Hm… Your Granny would never be happy again on that day. Go hide that book, stone-hearted jerk.


You should be very drunk to read that dictionary… And even more drunk to write it.


Well, that’s a statement. Cruel, but true. Get used to life, little curious creatures!


Good bye, bon tone. I wonder what the illustations would be like?


All right, kids, get in your beds. And don’t look for your paper-folding book. EVER.


Is this a user’s manual, or what.


Are you kidding me? If those brain could think.


Massive destruction. That little golden book have helped many of you. I know some ¬†personally. Everyone in the publishing company should burn in hell. Don’t panic, you won’t feel it.

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