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The Seven Wonders of the Logo

Have you ever dreamed of working with Paul Rand instead of having this ^%$@$&#()$ Art Director around you and your latest logo? Now you have the chance to find out what Mr Rand would say about your work. And no, there is no need to raise a spirit. Just take the quiz and be honest in answering the 7 questions below.


The 7-Step-Paul-Rand-Logo-Test

1. Is It Distinctive?

Distinctive means unique and different from everything else. It stands out among the crowd and isn’t easily confused with others.

2. Is It Visible?

Visible means noticeable or easily seen. Because it takes up a generous amount of space, its visibility is high.

3. Is It Adaptable?

Adaptability means that it works across numerous applications — on a t-shirt, on a cup, online, on a truck, on a road sign. You get the idea.

4. Is It Memorable?

The goal of a logo is to be unforgettable — so that when a person feels the need your business solves, your logo comes to immediately mind.

5. Is It Universal?

When universal logo carries a consistent meaning to a diverse range of people.

6. Is It Timeless?

The biggest principles to remember when crafting a timeless logo is do not use the “hottest” colors, “flashiest” fonts, or “coolest” styles.

7. The Holy-Grail Question: Is It Simple?

A logo cannot survive unless it is designed with the utmost simplicity and restraint.

The Paul-Rand-Logo-Test can be applied to any logo. Now read the whole story here and then start checking your own piece of work.

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