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Who Will Dream in Gold This Year?

This Academy Creative Director Ford Oelman revealed his dreamy tagline for this year’s ceremony ad campaign – “We all dream in gold.” That line is written in scripted gold on a series of print ads featuring black-and-white photos of Hollywood stars holding their trophies at recent Oscars shows. Missing someone on those posters? Not anymore, I bet! OK, Leo, rise… Continue reading Who Will Dream in Gold This Year?

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This is Not the End

The calm Lord of Semiotics and Philosophy faced the final curtain. Umberto Eco created worlds and wonders, changed perspectives and challenged many thinkers. And he will continue to do just the same with the help of the major amount of literary works he left behind. Since this is not the end let’s recall some marvelous book… Continue reading This is Not the End

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Beep. Beep. Jeep!

Do you know when is the golden time for advertising? Super Bowl, of course. Millions pairs of eyes are  fixed on the TV screen, staring at every other commercial break with proven lack of discrimination.

Some of the biggest brands are creating campaigns especially  for the Super Bowl – fresh, different, controversial… a true blessing for a blog like this one.

The advertising everyone’s talking about this season is the new Jeep commercial – the only one that was placed horizontally on the vertical TV screens. The spot tells the journey of the brand and its impressive 75-year history through a series of emotional “Portraits.”

And because this is not a spoiler, I am not going to tell you you the slogan – one of the best created! Really.



2015|And may the Squad be with you

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Happy Vegantine’s Day|18+

I admire vegans! Sorry! PETA US and its latest controversial TV spot ‘Last longer’ rocks! Literally. Keep calm, eat your veggies & last longer in bed!

Check out the Valentines’s video here:

2015| And may the Squad be with you