We’ve worked for different magazines and newspapers and our responsibility was to provide high quality pre-press services in strict terms. We know how to please our clients and make them proud of working with us. Our professional experience vary from preparation for bright lifestyle editions to strictly specialized and tidy ones. We know by heart the law of pre-press but we are not afraid to break the rules sometimes when it is needed. In other words – we stake on style, balance, responsibility and personal attitude towards every project we choose to execute. Because we do believe that we are what we do.

Graphic Design

We are specialized in producing all kind of graphic design regarding your advertising materials, including business cards, brochures, logos, corporate identities, calendars, catalogs, magazines, books… and every other type of print ad materials for your business or for personal life. We are involved in both stylish and clean visions as well as in any atypical suggestions and unexpected graphic design and marketing ideas. We are extremely opened towards new and different suggestions while working and communicating freely and friendly in the name of the good quality production.


In the world of ads the visual message is as much important as the power of words. We know sometimes it is needed just a line to turn you upside down. That’s why we’re here to use the words in a positive and reasonable way. We are experienced in creating the right text messages that will work best for you, either for your print or online ad, for TV spot, or for your ad campaign. We are at your disposal if you need us to write a text for your advertisement or to describe your work as passionate as you’ve always wanted. Because you know ”In the beginning was the Word…” (John 1:1). You do, don’t you?! 

Print Ad

During our professional experience in the media we have a certain amount of print ads that took place in many editions. The years that we’ve worked together made us a great team and we managed to express our thoughts and speak our mind in half a word. We’ve also managed to think in one direction and our common creative power and efforts usually culminate in the final result. We always search for balance in our work and know the magic both of illustration and of text. But still we do believe the perfect print ad  is the one that breaks the rules and reaches the target in an unexpected way.


Every artist wants to be noticed and appreciated properly and so are we. We love to be challenged, we like creative competitions and the emotion of the deadlines. So when there is a chance we make out best to participate in different ad contests. Can’t wait to see what’s coming next.

Ad Campaigns

Through our work in different companies we’ve faced a lot of difficulties in making popular our products. And that though us to think out of the box and to use what we have in our hands to make an ad campaign memorable. We believe that money don’t create the big ideas, but still it helps a lot. There is a golden rule that we follow and it says: The simple – the best. We aim to spread a clear message in an unexpected environment and extraordinary way.


As a motivated and contact oriented team we know every other print house in the country and can offer you the most competitive prices for different services. We can provide a price list after a certain product inquiry and we can advice what is the best choice for you. We don’t make compromise with quality so we choose our printing partners who do just the same. Our responsibility is to explore the market, offer you an optimal price for the particular service, contact the printing-house and get the order personally.  Quickly, frankly and responsible.


Check out our latest portfolio VIDEO presentations below.

Newspapers|Magazines Portfolio:

Design|Print Ad Portfolio:

Contests|Recognition Portfolio:


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