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Mother of God

There is a Superwoman myth dating back in the 1970’s – women are supposed to raise kids, have careers, save the Earth and create little miracles every other day. Sure, Superwomen CAN DO IT – we’ve seen it on TV.

There is a new myth buster in town called Organic Valley.

Dear women, feel free to wake up grumpy in the morning, to hate your kids sometimes, to feel like dying when you exercise  and dream to overeat with chocolate. I’ve seen it on TV.

2016|And may the Squad be with you


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Dumb and Dumbbell

It’s real! Pepsi Light transformed its 2 l bottle into a 2 kg dumbbell. This year Almap BBDO (Brazil) revealed its project for package redesign and broke into the ad news. When Light gets heavy, here is the result: In fact, we’ve seen such package examples several years earlier. Can you spot the difference?   The question… Continue reading Dumb and Dumbbell

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Are You Single? You Win.

They are beautiful. They are icons. They are some everyday objects drawn only with a single line. Differantly is the Paris-based creative studio, responsible for that project. Thank you, guys, for giving us hope that being single is so damn cool! You can have your free pack here:   2015|And may the Squad be with you… Continue reading Are You Single? You Win.

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FIATastic Digital Campaign

One of my favorite OOH campaigns this year include FIAT’s Safety Wi Fi. Simple and brilliant identity, created by Leo Burnett, Brazil. No wonder the campaign won Clio award this year.

The challenge – more that 90% of the passengers in the back car seats don’t bother to put their seat belts. Fiat dared to change that by rewarding them with a free Wi Fi access activated only after the passenger buckles his seat belt.

Nice job! Check the whole case study here:


2015|And may the Squad be with you

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Who Will Dream in Gold This Year?

This Academy Creative Director Ford Oelman revealed his dreamy tagline for this year’s ceremony ad campaign – “We all dream in gold.” That line is written in scripted gold on a series of print ads featuring black-and-white photos of Hollywood stars holding their trophies at recent Oscars shows. Missing someone on those posters? Not anymore, I bet! OK, Leo, rise… Continue reading Who Will Dream in Gold This Year?

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Rise and Fall

We know the truth. But the Bulgarian photographer Ivaylo Petrov dared to show it. His powerfull project Portraits of Shame is a collection of images depicting Bulgarian athletes inside their training center in Vidin. Which is more – the training ground is still in use now-a-days. And the athlets continue to bring fame to Bulgaria with their medals. More… Continue reading Rise and Fall

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Sweet Book of Mine

Let’s celebrate the International World Book and Copyright Day with… a book. Because books are passion, lust, doubt, willingness, non-stop flight, dream, illlusion, happiness, excitement, faith, fight, love, despair, return… anatomy of life. So is Nabokov’s Lolita. Enjoy some of the most creative book covers for the well-known title. Ad Squad 2015