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Mother of God

There is a Superwoman myth dating back in the 1970’s – women are supposed to raise kids, have careers, save the Earth and create little miracles every other day. Sure, Superwomen CAN DO IT – we’ve seen it on TV.

There is a new myth buster in town called Organic Valley.

Dear women, feel free to wake up grumpy in the morning, to hate your kids sometimes, to feel like dying when you exercise ¬†and dream to overeat with chocolate. I’ve seen it on TV.

2016|And may the Squad be with you


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Happy Vegantine’s Day|18+

I admire vegans! Sorry! PETA US and its¬†latest controversial TV spot ‘Last longer’ rocks! Literally. Keep calm, eat your veggies & last longer in bed!

Check out the Valentines’s video here:

2015| And may the Squad be with you